Mazda RX-8 2007: Sport car for connoisseurs

It would be unbelievable to know that the engine block of Mazda RX-8 is just 1.3L.

Sport cars such as RX-7, RX-8 play important roles in the development of the oldest car brand in Japan – Mazda. However today, this model is stopped producing, but for those who like cars, the RX-8 is still the embodiment of the personality, innovation and a monument of legendary engine series. In Vietnam, there are only less than 7 cars of the RX-8.

RX-8 has small size; low-designed of a two-door sport car, but actually it is a 4-door vehicle. 2 auxiliary doors open to the rear. Opening these 2 doors at the same time creates a quite large space, although the rear seats are so tight in fact, adults are always in a bound feet position.

Length and width of RX-8 are 4,427 mm and 1,770 mm respectively. The hood is designed to stretch out to front to eliminate wind resistance, and make the car to be more elegant and sporty.

You’ll feel the driver’s seat position is lower than any normal cars. However, that does not affect too much to driving, because the dashboard of buttons, the steering wheel is near people and the gearbox, parking brake are in control.

What makes the RX-8 different is not in the appearance of the car, but in the rotation engine block (Rotary)-Legendary Wankel, which has made the name of Mazda. This engine does not use the up and down Piston like normal automobile engines, but use the oval combustion chamber and a triangular fan rotor spinning inside instead. Currently this engine is normally used in racing cars.

The gearbox can be changed pretty quickly; 6-speed gearbox can operate continuously. The car can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h for only 9.2 seconds.

If you want to be busier, you can switch to semi-automatic steering. Swivel motor with large torque of 222Nm / 5,000 rev / min makes you manipulate to transfer twice as normal engines. However, it is rather inconvenient to the change gearstick by hand while moving in the city, because low-speed will cause jerky discomfortable feeling.

Even the driver will be surprised by the 1.3L engine capacity of RX8, is just a little more than Toyota Yaris Hatchback but the torque is significantly higher. This is the engine block with the most respectable proportion of capacity and weight, the machine weighs only 80 kg and the power output is up to 238 horsepower.

Mazda RX-8 is quite hard to use and the cost is high, therefore, the number of RX-8 so far in Vietnam is only counted on the fingers


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