Lexus RC-F 2015 to debut in the following year with the cost of over $ 100,000.

Lexus RC-F 2015 to debut in the following year with the cost of over $ 100,000.

With the promising specifications from the manufacturer, the RC-F of Lexus is a forward-looking car.

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Lexus RC-F

014 will compete with a strong competitor called RC-F Lexus Coupe which is to be launched around the middle of next year.

Design of Lexus RC-F is similar to the style of the Lexus LFA and it is expected to cost more than $ 100,000 in the U.S. market. With such high prices , the Lexus RC-F Coupe might be impressed.

To manufacture a lightweight car, the engineers use carbon fiber to make the car’s parts such as the hood, roof and bonnet with small inlet holes to help the car grip the road surface better.

In addition, Lexus RC-F is equipped with the rear spoiler as well as the aerodynamic design as the Lexus LFA to help the car to reach speed of over 300 kilometers per hour.

The strength of Lexus RC-F is at V8 5.0 liter engine block, with the maximum capacity is 455 hp, 544 Nm of torque at 5,200 rpm. To help the Lexus RC-F to attain the Euro-6 emissions regulations, Lexus will employ cylinder deactivation technology where four-cylinders will be shut down during highway driving. Go along with this 455hp V8 engine block will be an eight-speed automated manual transmission featuring paddle shifters located behind the steering wheel as the Formula 1 racing car . The car has three different driving modes: Normal, Sport and Snow.

Lexus RC-F is expected to debut at Detroit Auto Show in January and officially sold in the market in September next year.