Jennifer Lopez continues to launch a new collection

The beauty of forty who works tirelessly, after a TV series on NBC, J.Lo continues embarking on implementation of summer 2015 dresses with soothing colors, sexy cuts…

This is a collaboration between J.Lo and colleague – Kohl’s, the collection will soon be sold in New York in the Kohl’s store. Jennifer used sequin decor, knitting, leopard skin printing, floral details in this collection… The entire collection appeared lithely and femininely thanks to the soothing and neutral tone colors.

As her image, the J.Lo’s collection expresses the comfort and feminineness but does not focus on the design and detail too much. A campaign named #Bethegirl has been launched on Instagram and other social networks to promote J.Lo’s brand image and her own fashion.

Since 2011, J.Lo and Kohl’s have signed their first contract to launch the latest collection. As an avid fan of the old and elegant Hollywood style, Jennifer tried to bring those colors to her products, even though they are merely “ready to wear” costumes.