History and development of lipstick

History and development of lipstick

Lipstick once was banned in Britain for a long time and people who used lipstick were seen as witches. About 100 years ago, Hollywood has brought them back.

Lipstick has long been an indispensable item in a bag of every woman. Lipstick is the final step in make-up, creating confidence, sexiness. Even those who do not know or not have much time to make-up, with just a lip gloss or a red matte lipstick, can become beautiful with a brighter face. There are people who will never leave their home with lipstick.

Intimate relationship between women and lipstick was started long ago, when the Egyptians ‘’dyed” their mouths with red clay and iron oxide. In Greece, in 1000 BC, red lipstick was used by the prostitutes to distinguish with high-class women in society. For centuries, red lipstick mark was seen as a marker of sin.

In the 17th century, people in church believed that make-up is the work of devil and those who used lipstick were seen as witches. In the Victorian era in the 19th century, lipstick was banned in the UK. Until the 20th century, lipstick became prevalent.

Movie star Angela Jolie is confident with red lipstick.

Breaking many taboos, Hollywood has gradually brought lipstick back to women. When the actors used lipstick comfortably in the movies, many women began to use homemade lipstick secretly at home. Sarah Berhardt who was dubbed as “the most famous actress of all time” often appeared on the red carpet with red lips. Her sexy image was imitated, followed gradually by her fans.

Taylor Swift is very popular with red lips, in any circumstance.

Until the early 1900s, lipstick was made mostly from dyes, extracted from dried insects and women used a small brush to apply it on the lips. By 1915, tubular and cylindrical lipstick appeared. A few year later, the brands like Estée Lauder’s, Chanel and Elizabeth Arden began to sell lipstick in the form of bar.

In 1936, the New York Times declared, “lipstick is essential like clothes” and “ important almost like daily food.” According to statistics, in 1940, 90% of American women used lipstick. Veronique Vienne, director and editor of the newspapers for women such as Harper’s Bazaar, Redbook, Elle, said: “It is not just lipstick, but also a symbol”.

Marilyn Monroe was associated with seductive red lips.

Marilyn Monroe was associated with seductive red lips.

Today, red lipstick is still considered as a symbol of sexiness though Hollywood beauties like experimenting with new lipstick color to create the own style.

When fashion and makeup are more and more developed, lipstick is designed in a varied color palette. The composition of lipstick often contains wax, fat, oil, emollient and pigment. Softeners often include vitamin E, aloe vera … acts as a moisturizer. Lipstick tint are produced by synthetic minerals or synthetic dyes.


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