Convertible and booster Toyota GT-86 – A Bogus Dream

With the high price, Toyota GT-86 convertible version and stronger Turbo will not be put into commercial production.

In the Geneva show in 2013, Toyota has officially unveiled the new concept called the FT-86 Open. Many people believe this is the convertible version of the sports car Toyota GT-86 will be brought into mass production.

Toyota GT-86 1

After  this information, some people predicted Toyota will stop all plans to develop the more powerful Turbo version of the GT-86. The reason why Toyota is not interested in expanding the line GT-86 could be the costs.

According to the prediction, the two roadster versions and the Turbo may consume too much expenses that Toyota does not want to take mass production line. Instead, Toyota will leave the car tuning companies free to change the style and power upgrade for the GT-86.

Toyota GT-86 2

Since its launch so far, Toyota GT-86 has been considered as the best keen price sport cars on the market and may be a perfect alternative for the Mazda MX-5. However, the genuine Toyota GT-86 lacks a equipment compared with Mazda MX-5, that is the hood open.

Understand this, many people expect that Toyota will add a convertible version of the GT-86. Unfortunately, Toyota does not think so.

Now, the comsumers  can only hope in genuine Toyota GT-86’s brother is Subaru BRZ.

Now, the comsumers can only hope into the brother the genuine Toyota GT-86 is Subaru BRZ. Possibility Subaru will develop the better sporty STi version with turbocharged engine under the hood for BRZ.